About the Designer

Growing up in a large family of 8 kids compelled me to escape into my imagination, and enabled me to find my joy at a very young age - making jewelry! This was just the beginning of my journey into the world of jewels.  In 1986 I left my home in Vancouver, BC, and traveled to Santa Monica, CA, to pursue my obsession at the Gemological Institute of America. After graduating, the real training began. I began working in retail, wholesale and manufacturing to develop my skills.  In 1993, I launched the ByDesignLA studio in Redondo Beach, becoming the "go to Jeweler" for local (and some famous) clientele. After 20 years it was time to find a new location, and that's when I discovered Etsy. Being here provides me freedom to indulge my creativity. Flourishing feels just amazing! Thank you EVERYONE for your continued love and support.

2016 was the launch of J e w e l L U X E!  This line blends and fuses many different elements and mediums, all tweaked until perfection. We use recycled, reclaimed metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Our pieces are made with conflict free, traditional and non-traditional diamonds or gemstones. Our gems and diamonds are hand selected, naturally included and we embrace these imperfections showcasing their unique beauty.

My imagination shines brightly for you, and I thank you for your continued support and for giving J e w e l L U X E the opportunity to pursue what we LOVE!

- Janine, Designer.


A note on CUSTOM work:

How often do you have the chance to have creative input? Here we offer you the opportunity to custom design that special, meaningful piece, or to purchase jewels hand crafted in our workshop. We make jewels destined to be worn and treasured.  There's something special we offer besides our creativity - our vast knowledge and combined skills. It's our desire to provide an excellent product and offer exceptional service. We strive to nurture long-time personal relationships. We so understand that there are many choices, especially when it comes to jewelry, and we sincerely appreciate that you've chosen us. Rest reassured, you are working with seasoned professionals who take personal pride in their work. 


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