Red Brown Salt and Pepper Diamond Bridal Set, Rustic Pear Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Unique Rustic Reddish Brown, Salt & Pepper Diamond bridal set in 14k yellow Gold. The center diamond is pear rose cut, 1.32ct, and absolutely sparkly. Naturally a reddish brown with salt and pepper inclusions. Designed with a matching open-cuff wedding band. The diamonds are flush set and sprinkled throughout the wedding band. This a stunning set, perfect for your bride-to-be.

Natural Diamonds
  • 1.32ct
  • Pear Shape, Rose Cut
  • Reddish, Brown
  • Pepper inclusions
  • 14k Yellow Gold
Wedding Band
  • 10/.10ct+
  • Round Brilliants
  • Light Grey
  • Slightly included
  • 14k Yellow Gold

Wedding set ready to ship in 14k Yellow Gold size, 6 1/2- The Grey diamond set has sold.

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